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Project Description
This application demonstrates a simple game written for Windows 8 that illustrates how to utilize the Roaming Data Store for game data synchronization.

In this sample, the game of MasterMind is modeled allowing a user to use a set of colored pegs to guess a code selected by the computer. The game is simple to play and understand, but often takes time due to the amount of thinking that needs to go into selecting color combinations for guesses at the solution, due to the fact that you only get 12 tries at the solution to the puzzle.

To do its part, Windows 8 provides a Roaming Data Store that can allow the game to save state locally for easy access, but also automatically synchronize the state between game instances via the cloud, so long as the instances are connected to the same Microsoft Account.

This is the code sample that accompanies a blog article entitled Windows 8 Games and Roaming Data which can be found at

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